Vetup is an online software.

No installation is required on your computer.
An internet connection and a web browser are enough.
This allows you to monitor the operation of your clinic remotely
Be mobile! Vetup is compatible with tablets: iPad and Android.

The workstations are unlimited. Concerning the price of paid versions, only the
number of users is taken into account.
Transferring existing data from another software: Assistovet, Bourgelat,
Dr Veto, Vetocom, Vet’phi. Vetup is responsible for importing your data from
your backup. For other software, you can export your customers and animals
on Excel or CSV files and Vetup takes care of integrating them.
Be free! At any time, it is possible to download your database in SQL format as well as all the files you have transferred (images, PDF, videos …).

You can change software very easily.

Barcode Reader. Vetup allows you to use a hand shower to speed up your counter sales and your consultations.
Referred cases: Vetup is optimized to manage your referrals.
Clinic network: Vetup also operates in multi-clinic mode. This allows you to share your clients’ records between multiple clinics and manage one or more billing entities.
HTTPS secure access by login and password. The software works in
encrypted SSL 256-bit protocol.
PDF edition: orders, invoices, quotations. Insertion Report Editor
images and videos.
Files attached to the consultations: images, PDF, Word files, Excel, videos.
Agenda organized by doctor and type of appointment.
Management of reminders: vaccinations, injections for contraception, antiparasitics …
You can send your reminders by emails, SMS and mail.
Sending SMS: instant or scheduled sending.
Statistics of your activity.
Online Video Help.
Dematerialize your accounting: Vetup works with accounting firms
to automate the transfer of your accounting documents.

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