About us

CL Innovations is a company established in St. Catherine since 2011. Our philosophy is based on the principles of mutual aid, service and customer support in order to guide the application of the appropriate technology with respect to business processes and daily activities of their companies. From our roots of strategic consultation in telecoms and computing, we evolved as supplier of technology solutions, integrated and adapted to the needs for each of our customers.

Building on the success of our technological support, we developed a closeness with our clientele, a reliable community, allowing to facilitate the integration of the new technologies; while respecting the values, the objectives and the peculiarities which characterize any organization. We offer solutions and intelligent and relevant products, always well thought out, according to needs, put processes or to set up, for the character of the company, and especially, for people who ensure the success of the initiatives and the activities. It is that we consider to be of the technological humanely-thought support.

We always work in close collaboration with our customers to deliver solutions which allow to improve and to guarantee commercial processes and profitable operations. From a simple Internet connection to a complex set of integrating solutions into communications, IT and media, you can count on us. If we do not already possess the solution which you need, we shall find the best partnership to satisfy you.

Our Mission

We are now seeing our future evolution through our mission, which is to become a leader in the technological support of Quebec SMEs by offering intelligent and tailor-made solutions allowing our clients to ACT:


Both in operations and in business processes.