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Look after the well-being of your loved ones or clients.

CL Innovations is an integrator of technological solutions whose mission is to support business people in the implementation, in a simple and humane way, of the latest technological innovations in the daily activities of their companies.

Potential Clients

We have developed a range of services for retirement homes, such as:
• Housing cooperative
• Housing NPO
• Private senior residences
• Accommodation in an intermediate resource
• Private CHSLD (non subsidized and subsidized)
• Public CHSLD


The senior residence industry is currently booming and rapidly evolving to accomodate the current demographic realities and lifestyle choices. Indeed, the owners and managers of senior residences are facing new and complex challenges unlike anything they faced before. We understand this situation. If you are reading this, you are probably asking yourself the following questions:
– What does CL offer that I don’t have access to?
– How can they feasibly contribute to the success of my establishment?

The answer is simple: our assets and our global approach. Will our unique experience, We are can manage all your technological components so they work together more efficiently. We are there to help you define complex technological challenges in easily understandable terms and create solutions in close collaboration with you.

Usually people see specialised software as a solution to various logistical challenges. But none of those programs has an approach global enough to encompass all the technological components and other aspects of your operations. We don’t create software. We install complete solutions made to measure for you, including software among other necessary components such as telephony, security, digital signage and more.

Our research and experimentation provided us with expertise to assemble unique solutions, including components that come from different manufacturers.

Solution suites for residences:
• Deployment of internet access for residents
• Installation of centralized IP telephone system
• Call filtering for residents
• IP TV broadcasting for the residents
• Dynamic signage for various locations at the residence
• Teleconferencing for the residents
• Software solution for complete management system for the residence
• Complete system of access management

• We also developped innovative solution that will help you reach for the next level of service:
• Detect people”s presence anywhere in your building
• Receive an alarm when one of the residents falls
• Receive an alarm if one of the residents is inanimate inside or outside of the building
• Detect abnormal heat in an apartment
• Detect water leaks


• A single partner for all operations; your go-to entity for all technical problems.
• No more wasting time resolving problems, we do it for you.
• If a software or other provider is involved, we can deal with them on your behalf.

• One billing system for all services (telephone, internet, hardware, etc.)
• This approach simplifies your management.

• Your systems, hardware and software, will be tested and verified for quality.
• You can be assured that all your system’s components work properly or will be replaced.

• With our holistic approach based on understanding your objectives, our solution for you will be pertinent, well thought outand optimised for the chatachter and values of your organisation.
• Adapted to your specific needs, the system will be optimised to perfect your daily operations.
• Our solutions were designed to be affordable.

The advantage of technological support

intuitively designed for your success.