CL Real Estate

Look after the well-being of your loved ones or clients

Here is a series of solutions for people who are losing their autonomy, either naturally or because of a particular condition. Our goal is to provide you with an interesting quality of life without leaving your current residence.For you, we domesticate existing technologies in order to adapt them to your specific needs, whatever your situation.

By integrating detection and security technologies with the latest advances in telecommunications, we have developed non-intrusive surveillance solutions that respect the right to privacy.

This way, the family or designated workers can react when the health and safety of your loved ones is in danger, without falling into the unpleasant “big brother”.


A unique partner; your point of contact for resolution
of problems.

Your various logical, technical and material components are tested.

You are assured of a good functioning and interaction between
your different components.

With our holistic approach focused on understanding your goals, your solution will be relevant, well thought out and respectful of your organization’s character and values.

CL Innovations solutions are developed based on ensuring affordable and reasonable investments.