CL Real Estate

CL Innovations offers turnkey network infrastructure solutions for all businesses:

From planning to installation as well as configurations and support. We provide physical and logical network engineering services.

Wiring and/or fiber installation for:

Telephony, cablovision 65 stations and a decoder and unlimited internet exclusive 5-year agreement.
Possibility to have intercom for door opening.
RFID key for each door and entrance to common areas (gym garage ect)

We can provide the following services related to the network:
(minimal cost for new construction)

  • Network design and engineering.
  • Structured Cabling.
  • Infrastructure deployment.
  • Wireless analysis and access point deployment.
  • Network testing and troubleshooting.
  • Live monitoring and analysis.
  • IP surveillance camera.
  • Television installation.
  • Remote network management.
  • Server management and cloud service.
  • VoIP, IPTV and AAA solution.
  • Captive portal and Internet access billing.


A unique partner; your point of contact for resolution
of problems.

Your various logical, technical and material components are tested.

You are assured of a good functioning and interaction between
your different components.

With our holistic approach focused on understanding your goals, your solution will be relevant, well thought out and respectful of your organization’s character and values.

CL Innovations solutions are developed based on ensuring affordable and reasonable investments.