CL Veterinary

Technological support for the animal care environment

We have analyzed the environment of veterinary clinics and have established a range of services that are adaptable to the different healthcare environments and according to your own business processes. Every veterinary clinic has its character, its procedures and its ways of doing things that make it unique. There is no software, tool or service that can meet all your different needs without some adaptation of business processes for a good link with the solution. It is for this reason that we integrate the components best suited to your needs. It is this combination that will become the personalized and unique solution for your clinic.

Thus, we offer management tools to make appointments, assignment and reservation of required premises, integration and management of client / patient files, including written documents and associated images. These tools can be used as billing and cash management points
and accounts receivable. Also, they can interact with the accounting software you are currently using. You do not have an accounting software, we are able to offer you one.

At your discretion, your solution will be fully hosted on our servers or installed on your premises with a service internal and external backup. It will include the security measures needed to adequately manage access to information based on the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder. We also integrated an interaction with the telephone services, thus facilitating the access to the files of the customers during communications with the latter. Example: We use the display data when we receive a call to open the client file that communicates with you.

This is just a preview of what we can do for your veterinary clinic. Contact us now to learn more and see how we can help you in this world
more and more complex technology
to master.