CL Veterinary

Technological support for the animal care environment

Her procedures and ways of doing things that make her unique. There is no software, tool or service that can meet all your different needs without some adaptation of business processes for a good match with the implemented solution. For example, we offer management tools for scheduling, assigning and booking required space, integrating and managing client/patient records, including written documents and associated images.

At your discretion, your solution will be fully hosted on our servers or installed on your premises with a service internal and external backup. It will include the security measures needed to adequately manage access to information based on the roles and responsibilities of each stakeholder. We also integrated an interaction with the telephone services, thus facilitating the access to the files of the customers during communications with the latter. Example: We use the display data when we receive a call to open the client file that communicates with you.


A single partner; your point of contact for problem solving.

Your various logical, technical and material components are tested.

You are assured of a good functioning and interaction between your various components.

With our holistic approach focused on understanding your goals, your solution will be relevant, well thought out and respectful of your organization’s character and values.