IP Telephony

  IP Telephony


What is IP telephony?

IP telephony is the ability to transmit voice communications using the Internet as a means of transportation. By sharing the Internet for voice and data exchange, savings can be realized and many new options can be offered.

We are a provider of VoIP telephone services and are able to offer you your telephone lines using your Internet access. This type of service includes the same options as a traditional telephone line but at a more economical cost. So you benefited from an impressive suite of features and new possibilities at a lower cost.

List of basic services included with CL IP phone service:

  • Pairing IP Phone Line with Cellular Devices
  • Combined cell phone service
  • Routing your voicemails to your email address
  • Display name and number of the caller
  • Automatic transfer of calls to another number
  • A primary mailbox for your line (s)
  • Logical and flexible extensions
    Multiple line extensions
    Conferences at 3