Advertising Services

CL Innovations-Media develops and operates a provincial advertising network for digital signage. The current network currently hosts +60,000 people / month and by the end of the year is expected to surpass 100,000 / month. So we’re talking about 5 times the Bell Center.

The advantages of the CL Innovations-Média advertising network are as follows:

  • A captive audience
  • A digital display in managed mode on TVs with 49 in. and 55 in. screens
  • Visibility insurance – Restricted environments, typically equipped with approx 30 TVs
  • Creative support as needed

    Targeted demography:

    • Audience Generating Referrals – Family and Friends
    • Experience Audience and Consumers:
      • Health and beauty
      • Consumer products
      • Financial
      • Legal
      • Restore
      • Shows & amp; Entertainment
      • Telecom